Fleet Washing Dubai. We handle Fleet Washes. Cars, Buses, Mini-vans
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Fleet Washing Dubai

Fleet Washing in Dubai

Do you require a mobile fleet washing in Dubai?

Are you a corporation that requires fleeting washing for your cars, buses, mini-vans, trucks and trailers?

Do you require a reliable and professional mobile fleet wash and service provider?

Look no further.  You have found your solutions with Kenzie’s customized fleet washing solutions.

If your fleet is the face of your brand, we’re cosmetic surgeons.


Dear Fleet Manager: Your vehicles says a lot about your brand.

What if we could help provide customized solutions to keep your brand image and fleet in pristine condition?

What if we could provide you with a professional fleet wash management service that is within your existing budget?

At Kenzie’s, our bespoke Fleet Wash service plans includes

  1. A mobile service that comes to you.
  2. Customized solution to enhance your fleet’s efficiency
  3. Significant boost to your fleet’s look and roadworthiness
  4. An Increase in productivity and in overall income generated

Tailor-made, efficient and effective, our Fleet-Washing Services solutions suit your budget, size and preferences.


Call us today to arrange a meeting.

600 56 56 93


Kenzie’s Fleet Washing Services