Truck Washing. Professional Truck Washes in Dubai
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Truck Washing. Professional Truck Washes in Dubai

Truck Washing in Dubai

Dear Company Manager

How are you getting your trucks washed at the moment?  Is it effective? efficient?

Are you looking for a reliable fleet truck washing company in Dubai?

Do you have a fleet of trucks in Dubai that need to be washed?

Truck Washing Dubai – Call Kenzie’s For Your Fleet Wash Requirements


Look no further. We can handle your truck cleaning needs effectively and efficiently.

We have a mobile truck washing division to come and handle your truck washing on site

We can service any size and number of trucks.

We handle all aspects of your Truck Washing, Mini Truck Washing, Camping Truck Wash, Food Truck washes, 18- Wheeler Truck Washes or Customized Trucks that we can professionally wash.

Our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

What makes us different?

Here’s how we are different:

  1. New Zealand owned and operated company that is trusted by some of the leading global brands around the world.
  2. Quality is what we deliver. We give what we would expect to receive.
  3. Truck Wash Service that is convenient.
  4. Tailored solutions around your requirements.

Give us a call to discuss your mobile truck washing needs.

Kenzie’s Truck Wash


600 56 56 93